Wages IMM

What is Salarii IMM?

Salarii IMM is a specially developed application to provide the necessary information for effective personnel management, ensuring the success of your business.

The payroll program allows knowing at any time the financial obligations of the company and the employees, in relation to salaries, as well as the generation and printing of documents related to the salary calculation.

Main benefits of this solution


By using Salarii IMM you will become more efficient and productive, and your work will be simplified


The real-time evaluation of salary costs ensures the improvement of the company’s financial performance.


The simple way of use eliminates calculation and operating errors, and the security system prohibits unauthorized access to the databases


Salarii IMM is in accordance with the legislation in force and its modification does not create problems for the user due to the existence of a large number of configurable parameters. Salarii IMM offers a wide range of utilities related to salary calculation, personnel management and the generation of lists, reports and statements.


  • Parameterize calculation mode, depending on the specifics of the company (working time per month, overtime, night hours, etc.).
  • It allows salary calculation starting from the employment salary, net salary or gross salary, offering users flexibility in establishing salary policies.
  • It offers the possibility of automatic calculation of the financial contributions related to the salary calculation of both the employees and the company, considerably reducing working time.
  • It allows the configuration of various increments, premiums, deductions, which can be renamed according to the needs of each company.
  • Provides complete information about the employee (name, address, CNP, gender, date of birth, marital status, dependents, employee history)
  • It offers the possibility of obtaining in real time the information related to the employment contract of each employee (date of employment, employment salary, position, etc.).
  • It allows tracking the history of each employee within your company and offers the possibility of correct evaluation of employees.
  • It offers the possibility of knowing at any time the salary costs at the company, department or employee level.
  • Provides all standard reports:
    – Automatic generation of the single declaration D112, including for persons who earn professional income from contracts/civil agreements or copyrights, as well as the annexes related to the declaration
    – Automatic generation of fiscal sheets
    – The generation of various lists, payment statements, centralizers, advance and liquidation flyers
    – Sending the salary slip to the bank
  • Salarii IMM allows the automatic transfer from one month to another of the configuration evidence and gives the possibility of obtaining reports, regarding their history, regardless of the selected period.
  • Generates the collective attendance sheet.
  • It allows the distinct establishment of departments, ensuring the possibility of their modification in the organizational structure.
  • Allows the generation of various situations, statistics, lists of employees:
    – Personnel employed or liquidated in the month
    – Medical leave situations, vacations