Unilin Flooring Romania chose CLARUS HR from Integrator Soft

Unilin Flooring Romania
10Oct, 2022

The Belgian company Unilin Flooring Romania chose the CLARUS HR software solution for human resources management. A solution produced entirely in-house by Integrator Soft, supplier of ERP, CRM, BI and HR software solutions that has been active on the local market for almost 30 years.

CLARUS HR is a complex and complete solution that meets all the requirements of a company’s Human Resources department, regardless of the number of employees and its field of activity. Designed to respond to the challenges of the constantly changing business environment and the increasingly complex requirements of modern companies, the solution comes to streamline the operative flow within the Human Resources department of Unilin Flooring Romania, with the clear mission of facing all the challenges that a such a department within a company that is part of an international group of companies, welcomes them in their daily activity. The solution implemented at Unilin Flooring Romania resolves all issues related to employee records, time attendance (with automatic retrieval from the access control center and the approval of team leaders), but especially those related to payroll. All in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania.

Among the particularities raised within this implementation, we also have the management of leased personnel (employed in specialized third-party companies) or an advanced security system, with multiple approvals, in case of changes to sensitive employee information.

The CLARUS HR solution is only one component of a complex business software solution, designed and developed by Integrator Soft, which can be integrated with other CLARUS family solutions (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM – Customer Relationship Management or BI – Business Intelligence) ), together with which they form a complete set of business tools, intended to become a tool that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each evolving company.