The training of the personnel designated by the beneficiary to use the CLARUS system is provided by our company’s specialists, who ensure the transfer of the knowledge and experience accumulated to the users in an efficient and fast manner, being at the same time made available to the user a wide range of documentation both through eLearning as well as directly on magnetic media and on paper.

All CLARUS system modules are accompanied by the related documentation and are supported by a powerful integrated HELP mechanism.

Thanks to the pedagogical skills, the practical side and the experience of our company’s instructors, they ensure good training and a quick familiarization of new users with the CLARUS system.

The training period is established by mutual agreement so that all users are present, and the company’s activity is not affected by establishing a calendar for the training periods.

The training begins with a general presentation of the CLARUS system in which all users and especially administrators participate in order to understand the scope of action, the functionalities and the flow of activities within the system and how CLARUS affects their activity.

The training continues with a general presentation of each module by user group, each user group being established in advance by the project representative from the client’s side depending on the activity they carry out.

It is recommended that administrators attend all module presentations for a better understanding of the system, to gather information for faster problem solving and system understanding, and for faster operational decision-making.

At the end of the training, certain tests can be given to evaluate the information assimilated by future users, tests that over time have shown us the value of which our company’s specialists prove.

Effective training requires a reduction in implementation time, an optimal GO LIVE and a well-trained staff.