Maintenance and support


INTEGRATOR SOFT offers security in the operation of CLARUS systems through dedicated maintenance service packages. These packages are adapted to the client’s needs and are subject to subsequent maintenance contracts concluded with the beneficiary. These packages can include both the provision of free upgrades that cover the legislative changes in each field, as well as the part of maintaining the system in optimal working order, etc. The client decides exactly according to the specific requirements which of the services offered by our company are optimal for him, as well as the concrete way of implementing them.

Maximizing benefits

The general objective of all businesses is to maximize benefits and return on investment, minimizing risks and costs. Our maintenance and support services are designed to achieve this goal. By providing service from people who know the business and the products, we help you maximize your benefits, and by providing new releases and improvements to core technology we protect your investment, maximize your uptime and minimize your total cost of ownership.


We support customers in maximizing uptime and user satisfaction by providing appropriate support services and product improvement throughout the entire lifecycle from implementation to customizations and upgrades.

The component-based architecture allows Clarus systems to develop and improve the business application efficiently and to continuously include new functionalities and technologies. Equally important is the fact that it allows our customers to perfect a part or the entire system, with the aim of responding to new business requirements.

Technical support

The specialists of the INTEGRATOR SOFT company are at the disposal of the beneficiaries of our applications for any kind of details regarding the technical aspects of the implementations made by our company. In this way, the beneficiaries have access to information of any kind on the solutions offered by INTEGRATOR SOFT, ensuring technical support, usage advice, etc. The help desk is available during normal working hours from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays.

System functionality maintenance

Once the CLARUS system is implemented, the “System Functionality Maintenance” service allows the CLARUS system to be optimally configured at any time and to cover the ever-changing requirements of the beneficiary, keeping the system’s optimal operating parameters regardless of the changes that occur along the way. This service offered by the specialists of our company aims to evaluate the specific behavior of the system, the way it is used by users, allowing the identification of the changes that must be made in the system to allow maintaining the optimal operability of its operation and maintaining the productivity of use his.

Solving problems in a timely manner

In the event of the occurrence of complex problems within the system such as server crashes or system errors, the specialists of the INTEGRATOR SOFT company will diagnose the problems on the spot and provide in real time the solution to restore and bring the system to optimal working condition

Custom solutions for additional CLARUS system modules

Depending on the beneficiary’s needs, INTEGRATOR SOFT develops a wide range of additional modules for the CLARUS system in order to ensure a complete formalization of the client’s information flow, ensuring the total integration of these modules within the system. The CLARUS system is a modular, flexible system that allows the subsequent integration of both other CLARUS modules that were not implemented in the initial phase as well as other modules made according to the specifics of the beneficiary (e.g. complex production tracking, real-time production assistance systems , advanced access control solutions, etc. in order to create a unitary ERP type solution that allows the unitary management of your business.