Implementation and Project Management

In accordance with the requirements established by common agreement with the beneficiary at the time of the detailed analysis, our company’s specialists work together with the project manager or the implementation team established by the beneficiary to finalize the implementation details, including data conversions, interfacing with other systems, defining features general databases, configuration parameters, work procedures, test procedures, staff training according to the stages established by mutual agreement within the implementation contract.

Focused on fulfilling the requirements of your business, the CLARUS implementation ensures that you get the most from the Clarus system regardless of the modules used and the field in which you operate.

Quick recovery of the investment

Maximizing the value obtained on the basis of the business solution is critical for the recovery of your investment. The CLARUS implementation methodology ensures that business solutions are delivered quickly, in a cost-effective manner and at the highest quality standards.

Vast experience in different fields

It is easy to provide solutions that fit in time, budget and business value when you rely on the help of experience from different fields. Our implementation methods reuse existing knowledge in “best practices”, giving you a faster, less expensive and higher quality implementation.

The right solution, with fewer changes

Exploiting to the maximum the best facilities within Clarus, you get a custom solution through a few modifications, mapping your business processes to functionalities already existing within the Clarus system

More needs, a single solution

Implementing the right solution to cover all your needs in multiple locations is a challenge, but at the same time it is an extremely cost-effective approach. First, we implement the right solution for a set of processes in a single location. Then we will reproduce the same solution in all the locations where you find that they need the same set of processes. Get added value by implementing the same solution for the same requirement at all locations, plus a higher return on investment with less effort.