A few words about us

Company mission

In a competitive market environment, in a continuous transformation, the speed of decision-making plays a decisive role for the success of any business.

The mission of the INTEGRATOR SOFT company is to develop and provide the best integrated solutions that ensure the making of managerial and operational decisions in real time.

About the company

INTEGRATOR SOFT is a company with private capital, fully Romanian, whose main object of activity consists in the development, supply and implementation of software solutions adapted to the specifics of each client, complex IT systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management ), SCM (Supply Chain Management), HR (Human Resources), Business Intelligence, etc.

Founded in 1996, the INTEGRATOR SOFT company has a team of 30 specialists with a very good training in software development, consulting and training and with solid knowledge of marketing and management.

The solutions developed by INTEGRATOR SOFT are addressed both to medium and large enterprises from all commercial and industrial fields as well as to small enterprises through Small Business type solutions.

The IT systems offered by us ensure:

  • streamlining the company’s activity by reducing operating costs
  • the unification of the internal communication system
  • adapting products and services to the needs of customers
  • increasing turnover by increasing the number of clients
  • flexibility in approaching the market