CLARUS HR Training

Performs continuous monitoring of employee performance according to the training plans made at managerial level, which leads to better training of the workforce.

The module offers the possibility of evaluating, quantitatively and qualitatively, the results obtained by each person within the student teams.

CLARUS HR Training allows an optimization of the financial costs borne by the company and the record of their amortization over time.


  • It allows establishing a configurable format for the training plan and populating it with the data regarding the training offer and demand;
  • Allows configuration and detailing of training types (foreign languages, technical drawing, etc.);
  • It offers the possibility of creating and planning training sessions, characterized by: duration, number of participants, attendance (reasons for absence from training), room, trainer, pedagogical means, evaluation, etc.;
  • It offers a set of reports specific to the training process;
  • It allows the records of employees’ schooling, depending on the schooling plans and the courses they attended;
  • Defines the costs involved in the training process;
  • Remuneration system depending on the performance of the employee;
  • It allows obtaining the file of each employee with the schooling and qualifications for the position occupied;
  • Allows consultation and use of training plans by all users;
  • It offers the possibility of accessing the staff’s training history, training results, etc.