This module allows manual input or can retrieve data from electronic access control systems.

CLARUS HR TIMESHEET allows data processing, analysis and interpretation of data according to the defined time and attendance policies, providing a correct picture of the activity of each employee by quantifying the time actually worked.

Automatic time attendance systems ensure the editing of time attendance in a multilevel regime and generate all the forms specific to this activity.

The solution manages to cover all the processes, providing security and control, recording the hours of entry and exit from the institution, leading to a significant reduction in salary calculation mistakes.


  • It allows downloading the data recorded by the time access devices, which can be interpreted in the form of reports regarding the presence of employees.
  • It allows the calculation of hours worked, tolerance for entry, exit from shift, overtime, meal break or ignored minutes.
  • In the absence of access control devices, it allows the automatic completion of hours worked, medical and rest leaves taken automatically from the Personnel module, and the necessary corrections to be made manually.
  • It allows the listing of various timesheets with hours worked, entry/exit minutes, centralization of timesheets by groups.
  • It generates a series of time attendance reports, which when running the report can select both the period and the application of some filters.
  • It secures the data through the hierarchical definition of users:
    – the “Validare Pontaje” module allocated to department heads who validate time attendance;
    – the “Department Time Attendance” module assigned to users in the departments, responsible for the group time attendance assigned to each individual user