What is Clarus HR?

Integrated software solution for Human Resources Management

CLARUS HR is a solid and complete software solution for human resources management, which meets the needs of any company, regardless of the business field or its size, with the ultimate goal of optimizing its investments in the most important resource – people – and aims at a correlation the efficiency of the employees’ activity with other activities within the company, ensuring the success of the business.

It covers all aspects of human resources management, providing detailed information about employees, their course and evolution from the recruitment process to professional training. The solution automates and streamlines the specific activities of the HR department.

The Clarus HR app:

  • it fits perfectly on the existing hardware infrastructure, resulting in minimal investments and low implementation costs
  • is an application based on client-server technology. This allows access to the databases for a large number of users at the same time and also allows the development of the work process in distributed environments
  • is a compact and independent software solution, with a modular architecture, consisting of several distinct modules that can be implemented separately or can be integrated with other software solutions, depending on the specific requests of the client

Together, all CLARUS HR solution modules form a complete set of powerful business tools, designed to face the challenges of the ever-changing business environment and the increasingly complex needs of modern companies.

Main Benefits


CLARUS HR PERSONNEL is specially designed for maintaining and managing general information of all employees, covering all aspects related to human resources management activities. It allows the management of data related to people and aims at the “life cycle” of employees within the company: recruitment costs, training, performance, promotion.


CLARUS HR PAYROLL allows the complete payroll operation for employees (with all legal implications) and also provides access to the definition and maintenance of information. It offers the possibility to define and assign salary policies and assign them to each employee. It ensures the quick entry and processing of information and allows immediate information regarding the calculation of salaries.


CLARUS HR TIMESHEET allows the processing, analysis and interpretation of all time and attendance data and allows the definition of time and attendance policies, providing a correct picture of the activity of each employee by calculating the time actually worked. The solution manages to cover all processes, offering security and control by recording entry and exit times, resulting in a significant reduction in payroll errors and allowing the efficient allocation of employees on each project.


CLARUS HR TRAINING offers the possibility to manage and quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the results obtained by each person in a team. Performs continuous monitoring of employee performance according to the plans made by the training managers, which leads to a better preparation of the workforce.


CLARUS HR INFO allows viewing and obtaining details about each employee, individually, on the basis of irreplaceable identification, allowing them to interact with the system for a large number of purposes (leave request, for the canteen, canteen payment, personal statistics).


  • Planning, recruitment, selection and distribution of personnel in the work process
  • Establishing remuneration methods and systems for staff and managing the payroll process
  • Management of education and professional training of employees
  • Performance evaluation and career management
  • Maintaining personnel files and compiling statistics
  • Sending information and notifications to employees.

Key Benefits

  • It requires a short implementation time
  • It is an integrated, modular, fully scalable IT system
  • Flexibility in configuring and defining salary and time policies and assigning these policies to each person or category of employees
  • Tracking salary costs by cost centers and evaluating them in real time, leading to efficient workforce management
  • Ensures security and confidentiality by accessing modules in the system at multiple levels, with predefined roles for each user
  • It offers real-time access to any information
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Quick adaptation to legislative changes
  • Simplicity and ease of use lead to increased productivity
  • Automating and streamlining specific activities of the human resources department
  • It allows you to export all windows to Excel with a single click.