Allows the calculation of salaries for employees, as well as the definition and maintenance of data related to salaries in your company.

It offers the possibility of defining salary and time policies and assigning them to each individual employee.

CLARUS HR PAYROLL allows the processing of information at the time of their entry and the immediate obtaining of data on the method of calculating salaries.

You can view the history of employees’ salaries and related data at any time, regardless of the selected period.

The reporting module issues all the documentation related to salary calculation: payment statement, slips, declaration 112, tax forms, etc.


It allows the configuration of various increments, premiums, net or gross, retentions, which can be renamed according to the needs of each company.

Provides all standard reports:

  • the automatic generation of the unique declaration D112, as well as the annexes related to the declaration
  • automatic generation of fiscal sheets
  • generation of various lists, payment statements, centralizers, flyers (advance, liquidation)
  • sending the slip to the bank
  • the status of meal tickets with lists for ordering tickets.
  • CLARUS HR PAYROLL allows the automatic transfer from one month to another of the configuration evidence and gives the possibility of obtaining reports, regarding their history, regardless of the selected period.
  • It automatically generates the accounting note, which is adapted according to each individual client, ensuring the integration of the application with other accounting systems.
  • Ensures records of expenses by cost centers (salary and company tax situation by cost centers).