It allows employees to interact with the human resources department through the software system. This is done in both directions, both from the company to the employee, and from the employee to the company.

CLARUS HR Info allows the generation and management of leave requests and the automation of the related approval flows, it allows the generation at the employee’s request of certificates that can be delivered automatically. Through this module, human resources departments can deliver salary information to the employee, they can conduct quick surveys among them.

This is also where information is delivered related to the employee’s canteen consumption, the meal subsidy received from the company, the canteen menu can be consulted and orders can be made for the following days.

Last but not least, the employee can view information related to personal attendance and request changes to it through the platform.

In CLARUS HR Info, there are also certain functionalities dedicated to those who are bosses over a group of employees and who can make certain changes on behalf of subordinate employees or provide approvals for their requests through the platform.


The interaction is possible through two technologies. Production employees can interact with the system through information kiosks located directly in the production spaces. They have a friendly, intuitive interface with large buttons. Touch screens simplify the use of this type of equipment even more. Administrative staff (TESA) and employees who have workstations or mobile equipment (including smart phones) from the company can access similar functionalities through a web platform (through a browser). In practice, only a connection to the company’s internal network is needed, a connection that is made in full compliance with the company’s security rules.


  • It automates certain flows in the company and thus relieves human resources departments of certain tasks.
  • It ensures an increased speed of response to the various requests that come from employees.
  • It offers employees the opportunity to consult certain personal information (salary slip, vacation days situation, time off, canteen consumption, canteen subsidy situation).
  • Quickly and automatically deliver certain documents to the employee, using technologies and respecting the company’s security policies.
  • It provides an overview to human resources departments, even when the flows are fully automated.
  • It eliminates the need for physical interaction between the employee and a representative of the human resources department.
  • It folds on the hardware infrastructure already existing in a company and does not require additional investments from this point of view.