CLARUS ERP, integrated management system

CLARUS ERP is a financial-accounting software solution for operative management, designed to meet the needs of any company, regardless of its field of activity and size.

CLARUS ERP offers efficient and transparent communication of information regarding stocks, safety stocks, profitable and less profitable products. CLARUS ERP also offers the tools for efficient management of your business and provides specific information (such as cash flow), different forecasts and the correct x-ray of cost centers in the company.

CLARUS ERP allows you to process and deliver any relevant information or documents. Using CLARUS ERP you have access to any information or any document in different forms and in real time.

Key Benefits:

  • reliable database engine based on client-server architecture
  • it enables financial and operational process analysis and provides informational support as a basis for management decisions
  • it allows multi-level centralization of information according to company needs and detailed analysis for any operational and financial process
  • is in accordance with Romanian legislation in force and covers any field of activity
  • it was also designed for companies with a large (geographical) area of activity, with several points of sale or production, with several warehouses/management, but also for companies with a holding structure
  • can deliver a complete set of reports in multiple accounting systems.
  • CLARUS uses client-server technology based on MS SQL Server, being structured on different levels (database, application server and client). An important feature offered by CLARUS ERP is the possibility to create any report on a web platform and consult this report using a web browser.

Available Modules


The Customer Orders module is the basis of the workflow and especially of the sales process to the final customer. Through this module you can have an overview of your customers’ needs, allowing you to manage your relationships with them more effectively and a clear and well-followed sales process, which reduces delivery time and streamlines stock requirements.


The Supplier Order module is a fundamental part of the supply chain (SCM) and allows the efficient tracking of purchases, the reduction of finished product stock and the provision of raw material requirements for customer orders.


The Supply Module in CLARUS ERP will improve the planning of operational processes, making them more efficient, resulting in effective control of costs and existing stocks. This allows you to create a customer-driven system that can respond quickly to any change in a cost-effective manner.


The Logistics module ensures the subject is in the right place at the right time. To achieve this, CLARUS ERP delivers real-time information for making the right decisions and facilitates the control of day-to-day activities.


With the Assets module, CLARUS ERP becomes very easy and simple. You can achieve a more efficient allocation of resources, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, all of which lead to increased company performance and profits.


Considering the importance of budgets within the company and in its main activities, we have come to the aid of our clients with a powerful tool for planning and controlling budgets with which you will achieve solid financial management.


As a service provider, you aim to help your clients to add value to their business through total service transparency and to remain competitive in the market.


The Accounting module provides all the necessary functions for the financial management of businesses. The integration of accounting rules with all other modules has the effect of minimizing errors and simplifying routines. Financial tracking and analysis ensure optimal control of the business and reporting facilities provide an overview of its activity and contribute constructively to decision-making.


The main objective of an effective financial policy is to maximize the company’s profits and value, which can be achieved with a scalable system such as CLARUS ERP, which supports both the client’s need to develop, as well as modification, adaptation and continuous improvement, but also the use of financial instruments in order to solve the problems that have arisen.


It provides full access to all critical information about the company, from a financial point of view, so that you can make financial decisions that help your company grow.


With CLARUS ERP you can define effective sales policies. This is essential for the future of your company, considering their important role (estimated revenues to correspond with actual revenues), which influences all other economic objectives of the company.


Production tracking supports planning, execution, control and analysis in multiple types of production, in all phases of the production process, and for all company employees.


CLARUS offers a competitive advantage through a powerful production planning tool that ensures compliance with delivery deadlines, higher product quality, lower costs as a result of improved control, reduction of total production time as a result of faster availability of information , resource and supply planning, increasing staff efficiency by eliminating routines and obtaining accurate data.


It provides the ability to gather information about the equipment in production in order to provide a powerful analysis tool to evaluate equipment availability, performance and quality of manufacturing processes. It allows the real-time collection of information and its analysis. You can track the current state of the equipment, the reasons for the interruption of its activity, the quantities produced and the quantity to be rejected.