Effective customer relationships management

CLARUS CRM is a must have solution for the sales and marketing departments of any company. It offers an overview of the sales system and it leads to a better understanding of customer’s needs and habbits. The entire information flow is directed toward improving relationships with the clients.

CLARUS CRM offers a better control for the sales management and a more effective reaction on the promotions, distribution and sales, all of this with one purpose: a growing market segment.


Tracking and evaluating the people from the marketing and sales department

  • Based on quick reports of the sales people or the marketing department, it can create a customer profile and history, leading to improved marketing strategies, closely to market requirements.
  • The management, scheduling and tracking of the customer contacts.
  • Building a solid company/client relationship.
  • The identification, preservation, enhancement and efficient use of client portfolio.
  • Tracking and evaluating the costs of marketing projects.