Business Intelligence collects, synthesizes, analyzes the information from the business process, creating reports and statistics that offer prompt and precise decision support at the highest managerial level.

Clarus BI is a powerful tool that allows:

  • making predictions and forecasts on the future of the business and a very good control of current events
  • reveals key, relevant and useful data for business control and decision-making
  • allows the integration and consolidation of data from all systems used internally
  • CLARUS BI increases profitability, efficiency and productivity
  • it offers the ability to quickly identify trends, maximize business opportunities and improve performance

Web reports

  • the ability to edit reports from any device connected to the Internet
  • automatic sending, based on a subscription, of reports by email
  • CLARUS BI can export in various formats including Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, etc
  • the possibility of using hyperlinks that allows detailing the information by passing from one report to another

Analysis cubes

  • the simplest and fastest way to view and interpret data
  • data analysis in multidimensional format – Excel tables, pivot reports, pivot graphs