Autoliv implements the CLARUS HR InfoCant canteen automation and management system at the Onesti location

15Jun, 2021

Integrator Soft, supplier of ERP, CRM, BI and HR software solutions, announces the successful implementation of the new version of the CLARUS HR InfoCant module in the Onesti location of Autoliv Romania. It is a new step of an older collaboration that is wanted to continue in the long term.

The HR InfoCant module, which is part of the CLARUS HR application suite, is an application used to manage a good canteen activity within a company. The solution allows a record of the people who have the right to consume from the canteen, uniquely identified by an ID or by scanning the access card used to access the institution (or to time the working hours).

At the same time, it provides management with real-time reports on employee consumption, amounts that can also be checked by employees through a terminal that uses the CLARUS HR InfoKiosk. The reports are intended for both the management and the financial department, resulting in a good control of the budget given to the employees for the canteen meal.

The program benefits both the employees and the employer. The important benefit brought by CLARUS HR InfoCant is the satisfaction of employees, who have the opportunity to check consumption and the amount subsidized by the company at any time, regardless of when this subsidy is granted. The company’s management has the possibility to check in real time the consumption from the canteen and thus adjust the subsidized amounts to fit the monthly budget granted. The company is the one that sets a discount percentage for each product, which it can change at any time.

The information from CLARUS HR InfoCant complements that from CLARUS HR, offering the human resources and financial departments a clear and overall picture of the human component in a company.

CLARUS HR is a solid and complete human resources management solution, which meets the needs of any company to optimize its investment in its most important resource – human resources, and aims at an efficient correlation of employee activity with other activities of business within the company.
In addition to the modules in the standard version of CLARUS HR (Personnel, Payroll, Time and Info), the solution can also be completed with additional modules such as HR Training, HR Qualification, HR InfoKiosk, HR InfoCant, with the aim of providing a complete tool for management integral part of human resources, regardless of the scope of activities in which this management of the employed personnel of a company is necessary.
The CLARUS HR solution is only one component of a complex business software solution, designed and developed by Integrator Soft, which can be integrated with other CLARUS family solutions (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM – Customer Relationship Management or BI – Business Intelligence ), together with which they form a complete set of business tools, designed to meet the challenges of the constantly changing business environment and the increasingly complex requirements of modern companies.