Analysis and Consultancy

Preliminary analysis, identification of customer requirements, bidding

To begin with, our company’s specialists analyze the client’s needs at a macro level, following which this analysis will materialize in the presentation of a concrete implementation model depending on the situation existing at that moment at the client.

For this, a free demonstration of the facilities offered by the CLARUS system is carried out, a demonstration attended by the decision-making and operational factors from the beneficiary’s side, following which, based on the discussions with these specialists, the specific conditions for the implementation of the CLARUS system will be established. This implementation will be the subject of an estimated offer on the implementation of the CLARUS system.

Detailed analysis of the information flow in the system

At the time of the principle acceptance of this offer, the detailed analysis of the concrete implementation conditions will be carried out, conditions that will be part of the technical annex of the contract subsequently concluded by the two parties. During this stage, every aspect of the implementation will be defined in detail, including the responsibilities, the points to be achieved within the project, the development in time as well as the exact hardware and software requirements depending on the current configuration at the client.

Also, the method of implementing the CLARUS system will be analyzed in detail, touching on the following points:

  • General system data analysis
  • Identification of existing applications
  • Identification of the existing data structure
  • Identification of documents, standardized or internal forms used in the operational flow
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Definition of economic processes
  • Definition of the connection between operative modules and processes
  • Definition of activities that make up economic processes
  • Financial flow definition
  • Definition of flow of income and expenses
  • Identification of product groups
  • Identification of reporting axes, usual reporting methods as well as identification of statistical needs
  • Identification of organizational structures
  • Adaptation and modeling of applications according to the specifics of the beneficiary
  • Specific implementation of CLARUS modules
  • The specific configuration of the system modules and the client-specific developments
  • Realization of interface modules with existing applications
  • Defining the concrete methods of technical and maintenance support
  • Defining and phasing the training process

Depending on the detailed analysis and the establishment of the implementation method, the contract is signed between the two parties, the technical analysis being an integral part of it. Also at this moment it is established according to the concrete conditions and the costs of implementing the system as well as the configuration of the system in different phases of the implementation.