Integrated System for Agile Management

CLARUS ERP is a financial – accounting and management software solution designed in order to satisfy any company's needs regardless the field of activity.   

CLARUS ERP offers an effective communication of information regarding stock, safety stocks, profitable and less profitable products. Clarus ERP also offers the specific management tools providing information such as cash flow, different forecasts, and cost centers.      

CLARUS ERP allows you to process and deliver any information or relevant document. Using Clarus ERP you have access to any information or any document in various forms and in real time.               


Key advantages :     

  • reliable database engine based on the client server architecture
  • permits financial analisys and operational processes and offers the informational support as a basis for management decisions
  • permits multilevel centralization of information according to the company's needs and detailed analysis for any operational and financial process
  • Clarus system is according to the Romanian current legislation and covers any field of activity
  • Clarus ERP was designed for companies with large area coverage and multiple points of sales and warerhouses and to those with holding structure
  • multiple reports in many accounting systems

CLARUS uses the client server technology based on MS SQL SERVER structured on different levels (database, application server, and client). One important feature provided by Clarus ERP is the possibility to create any rapport on a web platform and to consult these report using a WEB browser (such as: MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera ) 




Comenzi clienti

Customers orders module is underlying workflow process from tender sale to the retailer. Through this module you can have an overview of your customer needs, allowing you a more efficient management for your customers relationships and a clearer tracking sales process which reduces the total delivery time and the stock requirements.

comenzi furnizori

The suppliers command module with customer orders is a fundamental part of the supply chain (SCM) and allows efficient tracking purchases, reducing the stock of finished products during servicing and customer orders.  


ClarusERP supply and it will improve the planning and operational processes more efficient, resulting a cost control and quality stocks. This allows you to create a system oriented to the customer requirements that can respond quickly to any change in an efficient manner in terms of cost


“Logistica” involves the right subject in the right place at the right time. To achieve this, ClarusERP assumes real-time information for agile decision making and facilitates the control of daily activities.


With Clarus ERP assets management becomes very easy and simple. You can get greater resource efficiency, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, all resulting in increased performance and company profit.


Considering the importance of the budgets in the company and in the main activities of the company, we come to your help with a powerful tool for planning and controlling the budgets with which you get a solid financial management.


As a services provider you goal is to help your customers to add value to their business through total transparency of services and to remain competitive on the market. And because services are complementary to customer requirements, you need to adapt and expand depending on them. Because the system is scalable indefinitely, your system grows and changes with your business.


Clarus “Contabilitate” provides all necessary functions for business management. Integration of the accounting rules with all other modules minimize errors and simplify routines. Tracking and analysis capabilities ensure optimal control and the reporting facilities provide an overview of the activity and contribute to decision-making.

politica financiara

The primary goal of an efficient financial policy is maximizing profits and enterprise value, so we help you with a scalable system that supports both the need to develop, modify, adapt and continuously improve, but also the use of financial instruments in order to solve emerging problems.

urmarire financiara

When you have full access to any critical information regarding the company financially, you can make financial decisions that can help your company grow.

politici de vanzare


Through Clarus you can define effective selling policies. This is essential for your company's future, given the important role of them, as the expected revenue going to real revenue, based on which made ​​all other economic objectives in the policy of the company.


planificare productie


Clarus provides a competitive advantage through a powerful production planning tool that involves deliveries on time, higher product quality, lower costs due to improved control, reduced total production time due to faster availability of informations, supply planning and resources, increased staff efficiency by eliminating routines related to obtaining accurate data and more precise measurement of the costs.

urmarirea productiei


Being a powerful and complex solution, “urmarirea productiei” supports planning, execution, control and analysis in many types of manufacturing, in all phases of the production process as well as for all employees of the company.


mentenanta echipamente


It provides facility to gather production and operational information, in order tpo offer a powerful analysis tool to assess equipment availability, performance and the quality of the manufacturing processes. Allows real-time information to be collected from the machines and transferred for management analysis. It can track the current status of the equipment, the reason of stoping, the produced and discarded quantities.




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The services offered by INTEGRATOR SOFT cover a wide range of areas, ensuring the CLARUS  solution implementation in optimal conditions.





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